Santa's Good List for QLRP4UT

The following individuals and groups are allowed to download, install and use QLRP4UT without having to make a shareware donation (unless of course they want to)

Allen Kriesman (Developer of Ultimate Terrain products)
Pete Dowson (Developer of FSUIPC)
Jim Keir (Developer of LWMViewer)
Justin Tyme (Developer of FSGenesis products)
Jon Patch and Holger Sandmann (Developer of Vancouver+ product)
Flight Ontario development team (Developers of Flight Ontario)

Official beta testers of QLRP4UT
Current Flight1 Certified Professionals in good standing with Flight1
Flight Instructors at Toronto Airways Ltd., Buttonville Airport, Canada
Employees of the Education Department at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Hutchinson, Kansas

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